How many times have we been told a stupid lie?? ….This question came to my mind when one of my closest friends lied to me in a stupid situation and with a stupid lie.

SITUATION NUMBER ONE: It was early in the morning, when I got a message from my best friend, she felt too bad after having failed an exam and asked me if she could come over for lunch. I went to the supermarket; bought some food; went back home and started cooking. Half an hour passed and I didn’t get any sign from Geral.

I texted her to see if everything was okay… and she answered me ‘Oh I’m sorry, I’m not coming I remembered that I had to study a lot for my make up test’ In that moment I knew that she was lying to me. I didn’t say anything but ‘It’s fine’.

Two hours later…. ‘I’m so angry, my brother is coming and I was going to hang out with Patrick’ (a guy she is dating). So… I was right! I went so mad, why the need of lying? I felt stupid, used, and why?

SITUATION NUMBER TWO: I was with another friend when suddenly started complaining about a girl from her class who was inviting her out. She didn’t want to go out, so she said to her classmate that she was at her parents’ house far from the city. I asked her why she lied ? and her answer was ‘I don’t know, maybe then she will say that I’m bored and she will be mad at me’

That evening we went downtown, when in a moment we bumped into a young couple, the girl waved at my friend whose rapidly went as red as a beetroot. She acted weird, so I asked if something was wrong… she answered ‘that was the girl who I lied to’

OTHER SITUATIONS: A: hey! are you on your way? I’m waiting you. B: I’m coming, just 5 blocks from where you are. (Actually, B didn’t even left home)

A: Hey ! I’m having a party this weekend, do you want to come?             B: Oh I would love to! but I can’t I have to stay with my grandma’ this weekend (No I think you are boring and I don’t want to go to your stupid party)

The truth is that we all  lie, sometimes we do it in order to make someone feel better and some other times we do it because we are cowards… but do we really know when to stop lying ? Is it always necessary to lie?