It all happened the last year. I moved into the Capital to study. It wasn’t my first time far from home as I have been an exchange student with Rotary in Europe.  In my country, as it might be in others, you need to pass an entrance exam and after that you can start studying. The point with all this is that as I didn’t know if I was going to be accepted in the University I decided to live first in a dorm. Why? a- Moving into an apartment alone meant that I needed to paid a lot to carry all my stuff over there; and I even needed to buy my own furniture b- I wasn’t accepted at Uni yet; b- I was new in the city and I didn’t want to be all alone.

IMG-20140905-WA000So by September, we were sitting with the girls who lived there too. In a moment one of my friends -Geral- who I have already mentioned, started chatting with a friend from Brazil. He couldn’t manage his Spanish yet and Geral didn’t know English but they tried through, but I was translating sometimes. He asked what she was doing and she decided to take a picture instead a text because it was easier. She sent the picture and the guy sent it her back asking what was that figure in the back of one of the girls; we couldn’t see clearly so I said to her ‘all right if we have a ghost you just take another pic and see what happens, I’m pretty sure he is trying to scare us’

As soon as she took the picture she screamed and threw her phone away. I took it and check the picture and the only thing I did after I looked at it was jump into my friends and scream.

I’m pretty sure none of you will believe it but it is exactly what it happened. Right now I’m living with my brother in a new apartment, free of ghost!

NOTE: If you can’t see it just look at the glass door, but I don’t think you need it because it’s quite obvious.