Life gave me the chance to experience how it is to live with someone else, twice. The first time was when I went to Europe as an exchange student; I learnt a lot about myself, about life and about coexistence. Actually, I managed pretty well. Still, I won’t deny that it was hard. The second time was when I moved to the capital and I lived for eight months in a dorm with nine girls…. NINE GIRLS !!

After what happened in the dorm I was living in, I moved on my own for a couple of months, and I could also experience what is loneliness like. To be honest, I don’t know which one is better. Both have their pros and cons, but I figured out that I enjoy a lot sharing simple things from day-to-day with someone else, I figured out that loneliness is enjoyable when we choose it.

The problem of coexistence is that at the beginning everything is great, but as the time goes on we start suffering from bad days, bad humor and then it is time to take off our masks by simply showing to that ‘else’ how we are when we are pissed or sad. We don’t want to be nice because we just had a bad day, and though the other person had nothing to do with it, we choose to show our long face and yes!!! WE DO WAIT for the discussion to take it on that else (all right maybe we don’t wait but we react wrongly) and at the moment we say things we had been keeping to ourselves because we weren’t in the mood of having an argument…. or perhaps the other person was having an amazing day and we didn’t want to ruin it, so instead we shut out our mouths and we swallow it. Which it’s good and bad. It’s good as we are considering the other person situation, whatever it is. The bad part of it is that we will use it when we are pissed….

solutions? well it is the X of my equation right now! Anyway it is not that bad at all. There are many good things but it is just that at the moment I’m dealing with it, and it is hard for me to see the good side of the story!