After faking a nightmare I was ready to go home. I needed to think or cry… It was like my entire world was falling apart, I felt that I was losing the person that made me happy the last couple of months, and this time I was the one who was chosing the end of the story.

On my way home hundred of thoughts came into my mind, I was confused… my heart begged me to stop overreacting but my mind said the opposite. When I got home I had a long conversation through Skype with one of my good friends from Denmark, and I decided to try to speak out my feelings about this situation with Austin.

After a couple of hours he came. I had been crying and everybody could easily notice. I opened the door, I gave him his phone and wallet back and I say ‘all right, see you’… I couldn’t say more than that. He realised that something was wrong so he entered to the flat and he asked me what was wrong? … We talked, and reality wasn’t even close to what I had thought the entire time. He had problems at work and other personal stuff.

But I kept wondering why we sometimes suffer about the story we make up in our head, If we know that perhaps nothing will be as we think?