811217__the-beauty-of-the-morpho-butterfly_pOver the last two nights I’ve been dreaming the same thing and it was quite simple, but I felt so relaxed and the sensation was unexplained.

In the dream, I could see myself lying on the grass. The fresh air caressed my body and as I opened my eyes I could appreciate the sun rays which passed through the tree branches.


Suddenly I felt something walking on my left foot, I thought that it was a spider and very quickly I moved in order to take it away…. It was a big, glowing, blue butterfly trying to lay down in my foot. I shook my foot and she flew away, but as I walked she flew back  to it.

Tired of trying to make her go, I decided to walk with her. In a moment I glanced to see if she was still on my foot when her wings started shining very badly. I seemed to be hypnotized by the light of her wings.

I woke up as soon as I got to that instance of the dream.


Note: The butterfly looked exactly like the one is in the picture.