In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her? 

When I read the task given by The Daily Post I could only remember a moment in my life that took place last year, while I was doing my first year at University.

It did not start as well as I had expected, but who can truly affirm that all things will always end up as we had expected them to be?

The fact was that I couldn’t get in to the English Translator career in the first exams, not even in the make up tests. That pulled me down a lot. I was disappointed about myself, I mean I had  chosen English because it was something that I liked and I couldn’t see myself doing something else in the future. All the failed exams made me think every moment that perhaps I wasn’t good enough.

After that, all the students had the chance of going into a special course where you prepared yourself for the next exams. I had decided to take those classes, even though I was lacked of motivation by then.

As I have said before, I was living in a dorm  and the things were out of control. Fights, fights and more fights that my friend and I ended up without a place to live in. I moved for a couple of months to a friend’s house and I had to travel everyday by train. By the end of the month I was running out of money. No house, no money and full of loneliness.

I couldn’t focus on my studies, I was so sad about the entire situation that I was already thinking on giving up.

We had a teacher whose name was Dario. He was hilarious, always cheering the students up even if they felt that nothing will work out, including myself. Those classes made me feel much better, and at least I knew that every time I was in his classes I was going to have something to laugh about.

We started writing essays. I wrote few and the feedbacks weren’t that good. But after a couple of weeks I learnt how to write them (I know I need to improve a lot, a lot). I thought that nothing about what he said was going to get in my head, but in fact it did.

He always talked us about his experience at the Uni, he recommended TV series (in English of course), he always tried to find a way to captivate us, a way to encourage us to keep on trying, and he even sang for us!

I gotta say that many of his classes made my day. Oh I forgot to tell that I got in!

La Plata-20150203-00196

This picture is not clear, but it was a mock test, and he wrote me something that gave me hope: “Miss (personal), I truly believe you can make it. I’m certain that more practice and feedback will straighten you up with narratives”