I’ve always heard people say that ‘the dog is the man’s best friend’, and even though it seems obvious I’ve never heard someone explaining why…

I also know that there are people who can’t stand dogs, who only believe that a dog is just an animal unable to understand what is going on around. Well, yeah, it is true they don’t have use of reason as humans, but is it that necessary when they know how to offer you love?

I never thought I was ever going to do a reflection about it. I mean I have had hundred of pets in my childhood, and all of them were special to me…but Kira -my dog on the picture- is a totally ¬†different experience.

One day, Kira and I went out for a walk, and as I train her I spend a lot of time with her also talk to her, which I know it seems insane, but I do. Well, the people behind us heard me while I was talking to my dog and they made comments like:

x: ‘So stupid, why would you talk to the dog? IDIOT! The dog doesn’t get what you are saying’



In that moment I got really mad because I felt that they talked without knowing! Then I said to myself, well they are the stupids, they don’t know what they are missing.

My dog, as I said before ‘Kira’, is a Golden Retriever of 10 months now. With her, I could experience how many things they can understand and how happy a dog can make us.

She is everything to me, and I think I feel it differently ’cause I am ‘older’ now, I don’t live with my parents anymore and therefore I know what it means to own a dog, it’s bad to put it in this way, but it is like having a baby. You have to walk them; to shower them; to take them to the Vet; to feed them; to give them love and attention. Now there’s no one else but you to take care of them.

Having a dog in a small apartment allows you to get closer to them. She is my best friend and I have so many reasons to say it so. She walks with me to do the shopping; she makes me feel secure when I walk late at night, she welcomes me with so much love; she is even next to me when I go to take a shower.

I always talk to her and I feel she understands me. I see it in the way she responds. The craziest thing is that I talk to her in English and in Spanish, it’s just fascinating. She knows what give me a kiss; hi five; see you; pick up your stuff means, and many other things.

One day, I came back home crying from Uni. I was so sad ’cause I had failed an exam. I went directly to the bathroom, I sat on the floor and kept crying. She saw me, and she realized something was wrong. So, she came into the bathroom, looked at me for some minutes and in a moment she started kissing my forehead. I kept crying when suddenly she went out and brought me one of her toys. She made me feel so good, that I cannot find the exact words to describe it.

I also hated myself when I couldn’t find the time to take her out ’cause I had a lot to study. I started complaining out loud about all the stuff I had to do. Then, she came closer making that face… and she put her leash in front of meaning ‘let’s go out, you need a break’, and I said ‘fuck it, let’s go to the park’. Once there, I watched her playing with other dogs. I laughed together with other dogs’ owners and my stress went away.


She makes me happy every day. Definitely, her loyalty is not in the market. I just feel that is a gift from heaven and I will enjoy my life with her till the last minute.