“Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones.” my boyfriend said so as to convince me to go on a trip for the weekend.

I wasn’t positive to this idea since I’m that kind of person that needs at least a vague idea of what I am going to do with my life, but then I remembered that he was going back to the Netherlands and we would go back to our long distance relationship, so I accepted.

It was one of those January days when you cannot go out because of the hot weather, but without giving it another thought to it, we quickly packed our stuff and took off to Buenos Aires to catch the train. Once there, we walked into one of the offices to buy the tickets. The man in the office asked us for our ID’s, I gave him mine and it was in that moment when my boyfriend told me that he didn’t have any kind of ID with him. No passport; no driver license, no nothing. I WANTED TO KILL HIM, but I tried to stay calm and explain the situation to the man, fortunately, he let us buy the tickets and pass.

After a long trip during the night, we got into Sierra de La Ventana. It was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by beautiful houses so we thought that renting a bike was a great idea as we could stop in any place we wanted to. Soon, we were on the road to Villa Ventana on our bikes. The road was amazing, soon we found ourselves making our way down a huge slope.

Time passed, but we never seemed to be close to the place we were going to. Running out of water with 35 degrees at 10:35, I asked Tom to stop and take a break. We moved to the edge of the road and sat when suddenly I started to hear a strange noise similar to the ones produced by snakes. I looked around but I couldn’t see a thing. I looked again and I saw that I have a gadfly standing on my leg. I freaked out and I asked him to leave that area.

We went back on cycling, with the only difference that this time, the slope was all the way up. I felt that I was about to die and to top it all off the gadflies seemed to be following us and they started to attack us. Tom started to scream and move from side to side within the road trying to take them out, at the same time cars and trucks were coming so I said to him to be careful, but he didn’t seem to listen.

In one moment I could see through the shadow in the road that I had like six gadflies around me. I hit them, they went away but soon they were on me AGAIN!

Finally, we got to the opening of the two different ways as the map showed. We stopped there to rest and we left again as soon as we arrived ’cause the gadflies were there as well. We had only five kilometers left, so we decided to keep cycling straight to Villa Ventana.

I don’t know how, but for once and for all we were at Villa Ventana. Tom looked like a tomato and I was unable to walk because I don’t cycle at all. After we rest a bit, we went back on track to a place where you can swim and of course eat, etc, etc.

Everything seemed to be goodย until Tom decided to go for something to eat and he realized that he didn’t have money, and either his credit card. Again, I wanted to kill him. But this time, I was really pissed. Cause we had to go back to deliver the bicycles and the time wasn’t enough to see all the beautiful places that town has. We were out of money, I only have money for paying what we ate, for the tickets to go back home and some extra but it wasn’t enough as to rent a cottage or something like it.

Because all of the misfortune we had, I decided to take the lead and do it on my way.

To be continued….