So there we were, sitting without pronouncing a word, without looking at each other eyes. On the inside, I felt so mad because it was a long trip for nothing. Besides, we couldn’t do much apart from going back home as soon as the day was over. At the same time I felt bad for being in that way with each other, we were there no one else; in the same situation, fighting wouldn’t solve anything. Still, I kept being pissed but trying to enjoy at least a bit but on my way.

After eating, we took our bikes again and went to the place with this kind of lake. We were both burnt from the sun so we jumped in and I asked Tom not to complain about anything. Hardly he tried, but he did it after all. The view was just amazing, I wish I could had spent the night there but we had to go back to deliver the bikes at 18 p.m. and it was 16:35 when I looked at the time.


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We left the place as soon as possible, and the horror movie seemed to be played once again, yes, the road again. The only difference was that this time, we knew the way back, and for some reason the way it is longer when the place is unknown. Anyway, the fact that I knew the place now wasn’t going to change the fact that my ass, yes people my ASS was in pain because of the bike. To be honest I did 4 meters and I was crying already.

And this my friends was what we did under 35 degrees…


We were cycling perfectly, well, I was with my tongue outside and terrible sweating, but I kept cycling…when in a moment I saw some kind of bird, a big one that was flying backwards and forwards to the ground. As soon as we approached, the bird went down rapidly and took a huge snake from the ground and flew away. I’ve never seen something like it except the National Geographic programmes. Up to that point, I didn’t know what else to expect. Some more meters we did, and we found ourselves with another path that led into one of the farms. We could see that a track with the empty back part was approaching into the main road, so I suggested to let him go first. The truck went out into the road and we started cycling after itย when a lot of dried grasses were thrown by the wind as the truck moved, and of course that was accompanied by dust. As we were sweating, the dust stuck in our faces. So dirty we looked, that if someone saw us in that moment, he/she would have probably thought that we were survivors of a fire.

Fortunately, after a hard time in the road we got to the camping place just in time. We arrived at the place at 17:56. The lady said to us:

-Did you go to the lake outside the town? was it good?

We looked at each other and laughed, and I answered to the lady:

-Well, we actually went really far from the town, like really really far.

-Where? She asked back

-To Villa Ventana- I answer to her.

-Oh my, God, you guys are insane! with this weather? Jesus, well at least you enjoyed

-Yeah, you don’t imagine how much we enjoyed- I answered to her.

After that, we went to relax a bit close to the station. Then we had something to eat and finally we were cool with each other again. Some hours later, we saw that the sky started to get grey and really windy, but we didn’t care cause we were going back home! So we went around 20 p.m. to the station to buy the tickets, we stood in the queue until the guy said

-Sorry people, but there are no more tickets. Everything has been sold out!

WHAT!!! I was freaking out. I asked the man when was the next train and he said that the next one was on Wednesday (and it was Saturday). He told me that there was some kind of drugstore where you could buy bus tickets. We were all the way there, and it was closed cause it opened at 22:30. We waited and it was at that moment that an inner feeling told me that we were not going home that day, well, I gotta say that my guts were right.

We bought 2 tickets for the first bus that was leaving on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. (how much 106 USD, which is quite expensive in my country) The problem this time… we didn’t have money to pay a hotel or something. We were planning to sleep under the station roof, but the wind was really heavy, it was cold, we were burnt, my ass was in pain… We needed a bed. Then I thought that close to the fair there were bathrooms, so well at least we were IN and not OUT with that weather. We were waiting for the last two guys to leave the place so that we could get in without trouble (if someone sees you they will probably call the police). But the guy saw us, so I pretended that I wanted to ask him something and I explained him the situation. After that, the young man told me to go to a camping place that was outside the town.

In that moment, even I couldn’t walk, the pain seemed to go away. I was desperate to get to the place, plus we were walking under an electric storm. Finally, we arrived at the place safe and sound. The owner of the camping told me to pay with the money I had left, which that was 21 USD. I didn’t care at all if we didn’t have food or something like it, I just wanted a warm shower and a warm bed to sleep.

That night, I swear, I thanked God like thousands of times for that warm shower and bed. After this, we arrived home. It might be that this wasn’t the trip of my life, surely it wasn’t. But I learn something from it: NOT ALL UNPLANNED THINGS ARE ALWAYS BETTER THAN PLANNED ONES.

NOTE: the bus we took entered in every single town, we left the town at 8 in the morning and arrived at my city at 22:30 p.m.