So, as I had said on my previous post, my boyfriend from the Netherlands (Tom) and I moved in together. He arrived to Argentina the 30th of April with a tourist visa.Β 13901446_314093335591310_3748172196193929689_n

His plan was to apply for an internship on the Dutch Embassy, and in that way, he would be able to get a working visa in here. But sometimes life is tough and enjoys seeing us worried… Our plan A didn’t work. Months passed by, Tom was still without a job, money was flying as well as his visa, and I was failing my exams. This had me worried, so, we thought of a plan B. We decided to go on holidays to our neighbour country: Uruguay, renovate his tourist visa (by going out and entering the country again) and enjoy a little bit the two of us.
In the meantime, from Switzerland, Monika another blogger of LDR and photographer was planning her visit to her boyfriend from Uruguay. We realized that we were going to be in the same country at the same time, so we thought that we could meet up and exchange stories, get to know each other better and take pictures. WE WERE SO EXCITED!


The day prior to our trip, we went out with some friends. I decided to enjoy myself and relax before the holidays, ’cause I know well that as soon as I go outside my door, something will happen. Next morning, I knew I was going to face again my hardest opponent: Mr. Time. As we went very late to bed, we woke up LATE.

We were fighting for a place in the toilet, we ran like crazy picking our stuff, and one more time we: MISSED THE BUS. Trying to be positive and praying to all the Saints, we ran into the train station hoping to catch the ferry that was leaving at 9 o’clock. thanking all the Saints we had arrived at 9 sharp. At customs they were screaming like crazy: Come on, we are waiting for youuuuuuuu….