Packing and moving boxes here and there, made me feel nostalgic. Finally, the period of change had arrived. I was looking around the old apartment and in that moment I could see how many memories were being stored in boxes, and how some other were being left behind by me. The feeling was just odd.

This past weekend was a hard one, a stressful one and I thought that finally, we were about to settle in our new place with Tom and my brother, and my dog. I thought the hard period was coming to an end…

However, this morning a was taking aback by the news from Tom’s mom:

“Hi Val, Please can you help me. I’ve sent Tom messages about his grandma. Can you please watch him well? Because his grandma will die in a few months (she is 88 and her cancer is already spread in her body and it will be too risky to go through chemo-)Β . From the beginning, Tom and his granny have a special connection. He will be very sad. I’ve asked him to come back to the Netherlands to say goodbye her”

Having read this message, I broke into tears and I’ve been crying all this morning. I understand how does it feel to receive such a news, mostly when you are on the other side of the world. Right now at the moment, everything is falling apart, I was so happy that we finally moved out into a bigger place, happy that he got a job with amazing people and an excellent boss that was going to help him with his visa, and now he wants to leave it …

I just cannot have any reflection out of this, not at the moment. I feel so so sorry for everything, and I don’t say I do understand just to be nice, I do understand the situation because I was going through the same some months ago. At the same time, I feel selfish because I don’t want him to go.

I guess we are going back to the distance…. πŸ˜₯