It all happened on a Friday night after Tom and I had decided to go to a language exchange meeting. The event was taking place in a bar from Buenos Aires at 9 p.m. but the problem was that we lived 45 minutes far from that place and as always… we were late.

We both were at home getting ready and I was freaking out with Le’s messages (one of my classmates who was waiting for us at Buenos Aires), I was about to take out my shoes, grab some food and watch a movie, but I couldn’t because I had given my word so I had to go. The problem was that neither we had a place to stay neither a bus to go back home.  However, we left home and walked to the bus terminal. Once there, we couldn’t believe our eyes of how crowded the terminal was, it was then, that I pointed Tom out all the pros and cons of going to this event. The truth is that I didn’t feel like going but I couldn’t convince him, for I said: “Well, we gotta go fellow and pray to God that we find out where we will spend the night, expecting the unexpected huh?”

In that moment I wondered if you expect the unexpected, wouldn’t the unexpected be expected? The thing was that I was expecting a place to sleep in this case, but it wasn’t certain that I would actually find it.

As soon as we had arrived at the capital, we took a cab and went all the way to the bar. I was so excited to meet new people; new cultures and have a very pleasant night. Inside you could only see people smiling and showing their flags. That night Tom and I met 3 guys (Fac, Alex, Mateo), all of them with different personalities that seemed to be a perfect combination. All of a sudden I got a call from Le, who was waiting outside for help because he couldn’t make it in as he was wearing his skater’s outfit. I explained the situation to the group and we all went out to help my poor friend, who felt insulted by the security guard. We did try hard but the bald man started to get piss, so as to avoid a big trouble we decided to find another bar where we could hang out until 5 a.m., the time for the first bus to take us to our beloved beds.

We walked, and walked but there seemed to be no place in the concrete jungle for us. Fortunately, the guys were so so cool that they decided to spend the night with us until dawn. Alex suggested going to a fast-food place where we could at least sit outside, it was then that Mateo started giving ‘hugs for free’ while the others made funny comments about it.

Dawn was there before we knew it, and Mateo ended up with marriage proposal of drunk gay guy. That night we bumped into the unexpected.