It has been such a long time since I wrote my last post. Honestly, the end of 2016 was full of surprises. Surprises that got us really busy. 

It all took place around November of last year. Everything was wrong at home, my boyfriend and I were really worried about so many things that we ended up taking things out on each other. At some point, I even thought that our relationship was coming to an end. It was only better when he was at work and I was at Uni. It made me feel pretty upset. We had gone through so many things in order to close the distance, to finally be together but there we were both of us in the same apartment wishing to be far away again. The only thing that came to my mind in those moments was the comment of people I know, like “it won’t work, you are crazy”; “You are going to fast”, and it only made it worse. I didn’t want to possibly admit they might have been rightdxyk6

After some time, I asked him without yelling and all that why we were like that and he told me that things at work were not good with one of his colleagues. The one I said that I didn’t trust, and I highlight that because he didn’t want me to tell him that I was right. Just to sum up a bit, he got a nice job at a restaurant and the boss was amazing. He signed the papers so that Tom could get his working visa, the thing is that he got the papers but he never sent them where he was supposed to because he thought that in my country nothing would happen. His colleague (I would refer as to NN) went everyday to Migrations to make the delivery. The building of Migrations was about two blocks from Tom’s job. It happens to be that one day NN made a comment to us about the situation of my boyfriend here in Argentina. According to him, he knew everything about Tom’s trips to Uruguay because he had been talking with people from Migrations.We got a bit worried and we wondered why he would do something like that. Time passed and nothing actually had happened….

Until that day, the day I was at home alone and I got a message from Tom saying that he had escaped from Migrations because they went after him at work. In that moment I totally freaked out, I took my phone and I ran to the place he was hiding. As soon as I saw him I just wanted to hug him, to feel that he was there still with me. I asked him to explain to me what the hell had happened.

He told me that he was upstairs preparing the plates when all of a sudden, the son of his boss showed up and said something about going into the toilet. Tom went downstairs, he walked through the store, but what he didn’t know is that in between all that people there were four that belonged to Migrations. He walked into the kitchen and it was then when his boss came, took his working clothes and said to him “run, Migrations is looking after you, get out of here, right now”.

As soon as he finished narrating the unfortunate events of the day, I thought that it was the end of everything. I felt like I was living the movie “Samba”,  just a movie but the sad part of it was that it was real.