As I said before in my previous post, everything seemed to fall apart at the moment that Migrations went after my boyfriend. In the middle of all that trouble, we were receptionistssupposed to travel back to my hometown to spend Christmas with my family. Of course, none of us saw this coming and we had already rent a car to go to my house. Now, not much money was coming in and we were all worried about this situation.

Normally, I am the one trying to act reasonable but this time I couldn’t come up with anything. My suggestion was to go home enjoy our time there, forget about everything and come back to the city with new vibes and new ideas on how to solve the problem.

Finally, after five hours of driving, we arrived safely home. It was a whole new experience for Tom. He was really scared to drive in Argentina because here (let’s be honest, almost no one respect the rules) people drive pretty fast. Anyway, back home everything was calm. We were happy to have some quality time with relatives, we really needed it. We explained the situation they gave us the sermon once again, but at the end, they tried their best to help us out. We had decided to face the authorities and let them know what was happening.

Christmas was really nice. I was so happy to spend it together with Tom. I couldn’t stop thinking how it was before he came here, I mean spending Christmas time so far away from each other. I was convinced that things were going to end up well.

In order to fix our problems, we went back to the city sooner than we expected. On one hand, I was optimistic. On the other, I was scared or nervous (I couldn’t tell which one) that things went wrong somehow, because it was the person that I choose to spend my life with, and after spending a year living together I couldn’t picture a different reality. I mean, nobody wishes to have an ocean in between.

Once we were in the city, we made an appointment on migrations. We thought that it was best to go to the main building in Buenos Aires, they didn’t know Tom.

The day of facing migrations had come. We arrived early in the morning to the building and it was quite busy. Many people running from here and there taking care of their business. We sat and waited for our turn to come, it seemed to be an endless torture. Finally, after an hour or so, we were called by one of the personal. Before we explained the situation the girl realized the reasons why Tom stayed longer. She knew that we were a couple. Fortunately, she gave us useful solutions. Her advice was not to enter many times to the country because if they checked his passport with total care the people from migrations might stop him on the other side of the country. She said that she was going to approve the extension but as soon as he found a job or some course to attend, Tom should go to change his category and update his information,  for instance, the address.

We were so happy that everything turned out that well. After all that trouble, we went for some good lunch in the big city.