So there he was, standing in the corner of his girlfriend’s house with the two bus tickets to take her away from the city as a present for their anniversary as a couple.

He walked towards Signe’s house. The front door was open a short way, as if it had been left for him, or if someone had casually forgotten to close it upon living. He pushed it gently and it was at that moment that he started to understand that something was very seriously wrong. As soon as he entered the house, he saw that most of Signe’s stuff was packed into boxes. He called her twice, but nobody answered. Then, he went to the kitchen but there was no sign of life in the house. Simon was astonished, he wondered what was going on. Looking around the room, he saw a newspaper of one month ago on the countertop . He took it and in that moment he read: “Overnight bus crashes in Jylland, killing 11 people”.

Immediately, he recognized the bus as it belonged to the company they were travelling with. He kept reading and there on the last part of the page, he found out that Signe was one of the 11 passengers and that he, himself was in a coma. He started feeling an enormous pain in his heart, everything started to be blurred, he screamed until he fell to the floor.

At that moment, Signe’s sister entered the room with empty boxes. She was about to pack some more stuff when suddenly the phone rang…Simon’s parents informed her that he had just died from a heart attack.